Well many of you reading this might be asking who is Netdata, and why should i choose them?
Netdata was established when we as a company wanted to have a website just like any other, however we have come to find just like alot of people out there that companies did not always do what they say, this was the beginning of Netdata’s goal to never let that happen again.

What we say we really mean…

We had our fights because our emails went unanswered, or waiting a ridiculous amount of time on the phone just to have to leave a message that never gets answered.

We have gathered all our staff that have experience in the same situations, to ensure that we provide you the best quality in assistance at all times, just as we would like to be treated from our hosting company.

Taking it further …..

We know that starting up a business is no easy task and that is why we are hear for you.
Helping you register the best possible domain name to suit your business and all it needs, to providing you with the best and affordable hosting plan so that it’s one less thing to worry about. Then comes that ” website issue ” we not only assisting you in providing you with the best and latest in website technology, but want to keep your client coming back and referring you to others.

Better server you…..

Have a website and it looking a bit old, we also offer a redesign service when we take your existing site and turn it into magic.

We at netdata understand that your business is not only money in your pocket but a dream and we want to assist you to reach it….